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Legend of Edem (Rus)

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The description of Legend of Edem

Break into the RPG Legend of Edem and witness how magic is born! How do the weak die, and the strong become gods.

Darkness and flame, light, cold and life itself. Everything has become subject to man. One pvp battle in the arena, and here it is: POWER. But is it enough to save a person from himself?

The assassin proclaims the monster as the messiah. The robots created by the blacksmith went crazy, and the powerful necromancer launched a zombie rebellion.

So, is magic the salvation or destruction of the world? Solve the mystery of the soaring arena. Make a decision and prevent kingdom war from swallowing the whole empire.

Beginning of a story
No “long time ago”! All artifacts, every boss and monster – appear before your eyes.

Legend of Edem

Gambling PvP Arena
Real-time battles, action where tactics and strategy play a key role. Come up with a plan, implement it and let your enemy remember this battle forever!

Champion Development
You are your hero. Killer, warrior, archer or thief. Choose from dozens of skills and hundreds of combinations, upgrade equipment and talents. Become what others were not!

Legend of Edem

Challenging Bosses
Each raid requires unique skills, and bosses require a special approach. A blacksmith is vulnerable in close combat, a flame kills savages, but how do you defeat a giant zombie?

Caring for your time
MMO RPG games take time, but we do not stretch the content with empty tasks and unnecessary activities. Dynamic 3 by 3 fights, lack of advertising and meaningful quests, broken into small parts. Just play when you are comfortable!

Legend of Edem

Mount of Trials
Robots and undead, savages, pirates, mad scientists and a variety of monsters inhabited the uninhabited island where magic was born. To win, you will need more than one raid and a cool strategy!

Playing with friends online
Take part in 2v2 battles, win wars and unleash the power of your characters to the fullest! A lot of synergies, amazing strategies and tactics. Act smoothly and you can take the top games and enter the legends!

Legend of Edem

Conquer a new world!
Legends of Edem – MMO RPG in Russian, where all quests are worked out, and each character has secrets, depth and motives. The war of the kingdoms will begin soon. Kings will fall, and the magic born in this world will determine the future.

Legend of Edem
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