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Legend of Magic Destiny-MMORPG

Official Launch – Global + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legend of Magic Destiny-MMORPG (by SSS games)

Legend of Magic Destiny: A brand new magical MMORPG mobile game! Presenting you with a palace level 3D magical space!

Game benefits:
1. Upgrade to give you a complete set of orange outfits
2. Sign in and send off premium Pok é mon
3. First charge to send you the ultimate weight&Wings
4. Seven Day Carnival Gives You a Deluxe Diamond Gift Pack
5. Diamond investment with 8 times rebate


Four major professions, changing careers and transforming into powerful ones
Multiple career choices: sword, staff, gun, knife, combined vertical and horizontal, close and distant combat, career transformation, and soaring combat power. Who can dominate the era of the dragon?


Three major camps, multi map open main city
The three major camp scenes of trial, moon sea, and glory, with solemn and grand towns, leisurely valleys, and exquisite swamp landforms, integrate multiple elements, and have different styles, creating a unique ultimate visual feast!


Hot blooded battles, diverse cross server team competitions
Guild battles, camp battles, cross server 3V3, team cross server and many other passionate activities, with a rich range of PVE and PVP gameplay, competitive sealing is so simple!


Versatile fashion, cool mounts exude dominance
National dating mobile game, unique couple halo, rich weapons, fashion, wings, mounts, and pet images, constantly changing clothes, experiencing the most unique and fashionable wonderful pleasure!

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