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Legendary War:Ancient

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Legendary War:Ancient (by Rolling Games Pte Ltd)

The battlefield is now open! Please the ancient warriors to enter the reinforcement force immediately! Fighting Online!!

“Legendary War:Ancient” is a real-time country warfare MMORPG mobile game, fascinating storyline, invigorating skill special effects, plus exciting PVP mode, will definitely lead every player to experience the charm of multiplayer country warfare in the game.

Legendary War:Ancient

Hundred Cities and National War, Thousands of People on the Same Screen
A variety of national war games, experience the refreshing slash of thousands, and unlimited skills release. If you are a brother, come see me dominate!

Legendary War:Ancient

Ancient Behemoth, double the drop
The evil spirit hides in the abyss, only waiting for the warriors to conquer, all the artifacts and equipment of the game are dropped by monsters, the abyss climbing tower stimulates the gameplay, and it is self-sufficient without krypton or liver!

Legendary War:Ancient

Fashion wardrobe, dominates the style
Hundreds of mount fashions, full of special effects, you can invite your partners to enjoy the beautiful scenery and create a romantic moment for you.

Legendary War:Ancient
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