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Super Dimensional War (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Super Dimensional War (超次元戰記)

“Super Dimensional War” is a full 3D Japanese and Korean ARPG mobile game that supports a thousand people cross-server interaction on the same screen.

Super Dimensional War

In the game, players can freely match fashions, pets, mounts, wings, elves, etc. according to the role of the game.

Super Dimensional War

Many costumes provide many popular social gameplays such as homeland, fishing, love, childbirth, escort, answering questions, tower defense, etc. It also includes many character training methods such as awakening, job transfer, constellation, piano sound, and countless wonderful and unique original gameplays. Provide you with a revolutionary interactive entertainment experience.

Super Dimensional War
Super Dimensional War
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