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Legends of Idleon — Idle MMO


The description of Legends of Idleon — Idle MMO

Legends of Idleon is a 2d Idle MMO, where you build your own guild of unique characters, who all work together to gather resources, craft items, and defeat bosses!

At first, you’ll create characters for mining, smithing, and fighting monsters, but as you complete each World, MORE skills will unlock — like fishing, alchemy, construction — which all give bonuses across all your entire guild! And of course, you’ll be specializing new characters into each of these new skills!

Eventually, you’ll be controlling dozens of characters, all with unique classes, equipment, and abilities that YOU chose! Each one will work while you’re Offline too, so progression never stops!

22 unique classes to specialize into!
Maybe you’ll make a Barbarian Fisherman who catches the best fish, for your Druid Alchemist to make permanent potions, that boost the critical damage of your Hunter Assassin so he can defeat the World Boss!

Legends of Idleon -- Idle MMO

12 unique skills and sub-systems!
Mine ores, chop logs, smith those into equipment! Go fishing, catch bugs, brew those into potions! Complete Post Office Orders, collect and upgrade Stamps, deposit Statues, hunt rare monster for special crafting recipes, pray at the Obol Altar, and compete in minigames!

Legends of Idleon -- Idle MMO

100% character control!
You get to move around as your characters, and personally interract with the world in meaningful ways! Will you spend your time completing quests, or finding hidden secrets for bonus abilities?

Legends of Idleon -- Idle MMO

Idle Gains, all the time!
Your characters continue working where you left them, no matter how long you’re away for! 20 hours, 500 hours? Your characters have ALL been working the ENTIRE time, and you’ll come back to MASSIVE GAINS!

Legends of Idleon -- Idle MMO

In-Depth Gameplay:
Lets say your Battle Mage can’t defeat the world boss. Go on your Mining warrior and collect some Iron and Gold ore. Using your Guild Storage chest, transfer the ores to your Smithing Bowman, who can craft new weapons for your Battle Mage to go wreck that boss!
Beating a boss unlocks the next world, which has a new set of different activities to learn and master. Eventually, there are dozens of activities, and you have 14 different characters you’re micromanaging in order to progress through each world, which only makes things more and more complex! The more you play, the more activities you’ll find, and the more characters you’ll be managing! This loop goes on for a few months or so until I add new content.

Legends of Idleon -- Idle MMO
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