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Legends of Learning Awakening

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Legends of Learning Awakening (by Legends of Learning)

Play as the hero you always dreamed of as you create and customize your avatar. Name your hero and build them from scratch. With loads of suits and accessories you can customize your hero from head to toe. You’ll be ready to start battling in no time, and you’ll look good doing it.

Legends of Learning Awakening

Every hero needs a base to call home. Deep beneath your island retreat you can build your base however you choose. Customize your layout and room selection to create the resources you need to upgrade your hero abilities. Build a Gym to let your hero train. Build an arcade for your hero to relax and have some fun. Let your imagination run wild and build out the ever expanding base of your dreams.

Legends of Learning Awakening

The world needs you! Monsters, Robots and Villains are on the attack and only you can stop them. Create your ultimate battle deck in an evolution of the popular Awakening card battler. Collect and upgrade your battle cards to fight back against the forces of evil. Collect rewards from completing battle challenges and use them to upgrade your hero. New outfits, dances, gems, coins, rooms and more! The possibilities are endless and the next reward is just around the corner. What exciting prize will you discover next?

Legends of Learning Awakening

Learning made fun! Participate in learning challenges to boost your abilities and earn even more loot. Get smarter and have fun doing it! Your hero avatar is shared across platforms. All of your customization and rewards will be with you whether you are at home or in the classroom.

Legends of Learning Awakening
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