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Little Legions – NFT

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Little Legions NFT (by THECOVE)

Build your own empire in Rome with a history of fierce wars!
Fight for the glory of the empire, survive the war and create an immortal legend!

Little Legions is a strategy game that requires tactics, including changing battle formations and patterns.
It’s free to play, and you can earn daily rewards.

Little Legions NFT

Grow your city and army, and form legions with other lords to defend yourself against the enemies who want to destroy your empire.
Awaiting you to conquer the world and lead Rome and your empire to eternal glory.

Little Legions NFT

Lead your legion against all kingdoms and civilizations that want to war against your empire and win the battle!
Mine in P2E mines, get more resources and items, and grow into a powerful army!

My Lord! Many powerful forces around us are fighting for supremacy. Conflict between the forces of Brutus, Julius, and Scipio is a constant battle. War is imminent.
For the prosperity of our empire, we need your lord’s wisdom and strategy.

Little Legions NFT

Are you ready to lead your empire to victory?

The war has now begun. Grow your city, recruit troops, train heroes, and research technology to lead your empire to victory!
Collect a lot of food, resources, and battle funds to develop a strong military unit, and wear powerful equipment to become stronger!
If several lords join forces to decide on an army, you can possess a mighty force that no one can match. Help the weaker lords in the legion, form a team and defeat the enemy!
Lead a military unit, participate in the conquest of regions, ports, and powers, and experience the expansion and glory of the Roman era.

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Little Legions NFT

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