Lost Between the Lines

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Lost Between the Lines (by 5dims Inc. / 株式会社5次元)

A large-volume romantic drama with beautiful illustrations by a popular artist!
As to what exactly is starting, it’s a perfectly normal high school love story starring a somewhat abnormal girl!
The cool, intellectual Suzumiya Rion.
She usually keeps her distance from her classmates, but for some reason, she invited me out on a date!
And the secret Rion’s hiding will finally be revealed…
If you clear all five endings, you’ll find out your future with her.
Try out all the different choices and see where you end up.

Lost Between the Lines

The game system is a simple novel-type adventure
The choices that appear here and there in the story change the distance between you and your girlfriend!
The story will branch into one of five different endings accordingly.
Restart the game again and again to complete all the endings!

Lost Between the Lines

Main character:Suzumiya Rion
She is the most elegant, serious, and studious high school girl in the school!
Rine Suzumiya, who is the most popular madonna in the school, is suddenly approaching you, a girl with whom she has little contact!
However, her eyes sometimes glaze over with a lonely look. ……
When her secret is revealed, their romance begins!

Lost Between the Lines

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