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Magic Heros

Official Launch – SEA + APK

Official Launch – EU, NA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Magic Heros (by s7game)

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Lead the team and compete with the dark monster forces, let’s fight together!

Magic Heros is an SRPG war chess game with innovative gameplay. You will start from the port of wealth in Baiernes and board the Fort of the Blood Cross, which symbolizes the highest power. You will become the team leader in the game, recruiting people, dragons, zergs, elves, aliens, orcs, barbarians and other races to become members of the team to fight against the forces of dark monsters, compete for creation runestones, and achieve the pinnacle throne!

In the game, you can experience:

Magic Heros

Innovative Battle Mode
Brand-new battle mode, real-time online battle ranking, and brand-new battle special effects experience. You need to adjust the battle members and formation positions according to the actual situation, and you can decide whether to use your own strategic operation to win the battle!

Magic Heros

Flexible lineup skill set
With a variety of camp collocations, massive skill combinations, flexible field lineup layout, thousands of routines, thousands of ways to play, low combat power can win high combat power!

Magic Heros

Rich game content
There are a variety of gameplays to choose from in the game, such as the tower of trials with rougelike gameplay, the exciting real-time arena, and the guild battle that requires teamwork. Of course, if you want to be more casual, there are also very simple but very Interesting mini-games are waiting for you to play!


Available: Google Play / App Store – SEA

Magic Heros

👇 Official Launch – EU, NA + APK

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