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Mangyang: Detecters

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 망량:Detecters (by 에이블에이앤이)

Mangyang: Detecters is a Korean urban fantasy deck-building rogue-lite game that reinterprets Korean myths and folktales in a modern way. You can enjoy deck building, roguelike, and collectible RPG in one game at the same time to create a deck by collecting cards. It’s a new genre of game.
Become an exorcist and protect the human world by growing and collecting to protect the world in chaos from suddenly appearing evil spirits.
Complete your own strategy by collecting unique characters and talismans with various abilities.

Deck building roguelike system
Mangyang: Detecters is a deck-building roguelike game where players become modern-day exorcists who must collect talismans and defeat Mangyang.

Characters’ special moves
Each character has unique characteristics. As the battle progresses, you can acquire soul flames and consume them to use special moves.
Turn the unfavorable tide of battle with one powerful blow.

Linked battle between amulets and summons
You can perform exorcism activities with various summons.
By appropriately utilizing the various complementary abilities of talismans and summons, you can lead the battle to your advantage.

Appearance of Korean Yokai
The monsters that appear in Mangryang: Detecters are all created with the motif of ghosts and monsters that appear in Korean folktales and folktales.
Explore Chongqing University and meet the unique Mangyang.

Available: Google Play – KR

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