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Argus – Urban Legend – EN

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Argus – Urban Legend (by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG)

“Argus: Urban Legend” – An interactive horror thriller – Goosebumps guaranteed

A young woman contacts you with a desperate call for help! This will draw you deeper and deeper into a nerve-wracking story about murders, mysteries, urban legends and monsters.
It’s up to YOU to find out if it’s a human committing the murders or if a supernatural presence is responsible for them! The internet is full of reports about a gruesome creature called “Argus”…

Argus - Urban Legend - EN

Follow the clues and help a group of friends solve all the mysteries! But be on your guard, because ARGUS SEES EVERYTHING!

“Argus” is an interactive horror mystery game

Argus - Urban Legend - EN

Argus is YOUR story. Your decisions not only affect the course of the game, but also the ending of this thriller.

Argus - Urban Legend - EN

To make the gaming experience even more realistic, you can personalize the user profile with your name, gender, orientation and your own avatar.

Argus - Urban Legend - EN

Communicate with different characters via a messenger. Unravel the dark secrets surrounding ARGUS and other urban legends.
It’s up to you to collect clues, solve puzzles and stop the horror.
But watch out because you can’t trust everyone…

New features:

“Argus” comes with many new features! In addition to a customizable home screen, you can expect new, exciting apps, a new design and completely new ways to interact!

Argus - Urban Legend - EN

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