Maple Valley R: Classic New Definition


Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 楓之谷R (by RASTAR GAMES )

“Maple Valley R: Classic New Definition” Fun Sets New Adventure Play No Limits
Dear adventurer, hurry up and start your own adventure~

[Easily placed, fresh strikes]
Rich hang-up income, free and fast battles,
The vertical layout is easy to operate, and it can be easily upgraded anytime, anywhere!

[Fun exploration, super welfare]
Intelligence collection, more plots are waiting for you to explore,
The double test of luck and strength, come and receive your super benefits!


[Cheerful battle, multi-level transfer]
Super Hi, full screen refreshing pictures, quickly develop an experience,
Multi-stage transfers, unlock new skills!

[GVG large-scale team battle]
Excellent winning strategy, precise cooperation
Reasonable division of labor and close cooperation, let us dominate Victoria Island together!


[Adventure through levels, protect together]
Fight with members to create a perfect adventure team
Challenge the dungeon, pass through levels wisely, and receive generous rewards!

[Exquisite fashion, dress up as you like]
Muppets, detectives, mech girls, cute set off
Variety of shapes, free to wear and match,


[Home system, friends visit]
Entertain guests with exquisite gifts,
Place all kinds of furniture with one click, come and arrange your exclusive space!

[Pet upgrade, enjoy the fun of raising]
Ten consecutive draws, get high-level pets at random
Cultivate advanced, unlock more evolutionary forms


[Highly restored, classic reappearance]
Relive the classic picture, redefine the world of Maple Valley,
Super high degree of reduction, evoke the good memories that belong to you;

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW


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