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Math Ascension

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Math Ascension (by Pestorosso Games)

In Math Ascension, the main character is Mathilda, a young girl who, along with her brother, has been turned into a robot by the bad guy, Rob. To become human again, Mathilda goes on an adventure with her friends to the Calculuseum where she is put to the test by the Gladiators’ Guild through quick-fire multiplication battles.

Math Ascension

Math Ascension was made to combat math anxiety. The game builds up children’s confidence and strengthens skills that are often lacking – multiplication and mental math.

Math Ascension
Math Ascension

Math Ascension offers a different, visual and concrete way to learn math, using blocks to represent multiplications and other sums.
The game automatically adapts to the child’s difficulties. It presents them with a mix of easier multiplications and ones they find more challenging, ensuring that they gain confidence in their ability and make real progress.
You can collect bonuses that allow you to build your tower faster or destroy your opponent’s tower. As you use them, your bonuses evolve and become ever more formidable!
A number of gladiators live in the Calculuseum, each with different powers. Fight them all to gain enough mathematical mastery to light the Crystar at the top of Calculuseum.
Our game allows you to personalize the way you play. You can earn new outfits and customize your powers and bonuses.
Math Ascension is used by and has been approved by many education professionals. It is fully aligned with the curricula of all modern school systems, and is well suited for use in class or at home.

Math Ascension

No advertising
No violence
No microtransactions
Includes a daily play time limit (adjustable by parents in the full version)
Recommended age range: from 7 years (beginner multiplication) to 13 years (mental math and order of operations)

Math Ascension
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