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MazM: Pechka

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The description of MazM: Pechka

In the early 20th century, people of a lost nation begin a fight for their country.
The journey of “Pyotr,” for whom no nation could be his home.

Become the protagonist in a story based on real historical events!

“MazM : Pechka” will be released as weekly episodes.
Enjoy the story that unfolds before you every week!

An interactive story game with a movie-like feel

MazM: Pechka

• In “MazM: Pechka” you can follow the captivating plot by exploring the map.
• Experience an epic tale based in the Russian Far East, in this unique dramatic production from MazM.

The chaotic Russian Far East in the early 20th century

MazM: Pechka

• The game is set in Russian cities of the early 20th century.
• Explore Russian streets of the time and meet intriguing characters.

Discover historical trivia that you can only find with MazM

MazM: Pechka
MazM: Pechka

• “MazM: Pechka” is steeped in fascinating history.
• Collect historical “footnotes” while making your way through the story.
• Learn about the historical events that led to the Russian Far East descending into chaos.

MazM: Pechka
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