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Meme Heroes

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Meme Heroes (by Maple Whispering Limited)

[Meme Heroes] is an open world/wuxia RPG that “makes people laugh out loud”.

One day you open your cell phone and find that it has become a self-help reincarnation system, you think you can finally end your life as a loser and start a new life!
But you are transported to an unknown world where even the children in crotch pants know kungfu…
When you are abused by kids and want to cry, you find that you can not go back…
The only way to regain your life is to learn the best kungfu and defeat the BOSS behind the scene!

Meme Heroes

Game features
-Every move indicates your hero style.
-Choose and learn your favorite kungfu as you wish
-Meet the one In fantastic wuxia world
-A funny idle gameplay
-Lots of memes in Meme Heroes make you laugh all the time

Meme Heroes
Meme Heroes

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