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Meta Merge – P2E

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Meta Merge (by Ultiverse)

Capture your favorite pets, defeat enemies, and Mint NFTs in Meta Merge. Embark on your adventure in the world of monsters! Summon cute pets for battle with over 300 pets waiting for you to collect! All pets can evolve, with multiple evolutionary forms waiting for you to explore. All pets can be minted into unique NFTs, earning money while playing.

Meta Merge - P2E

Game Story:
Hey, Coach! Yes, you. Come and summon pets and have fun in Meta Merge!Many pets live here, waiting for their trainer. Don’t you want to find your own pet here? After finding a pet, you can go to the town. If you win battles in the gym or monster tower, you can get extra rewards. Finally, forge your pets into NFTs, freely trade in the market, and earn money in the game.

Meta Merge - P2E

Game Features:
– Mint NFTs for free and step into the world of virtual monsters.
– Easily hang up, and rewards can be obtained even when you are offline.
– Freely arrange your battle team, use race and team strategies to win.
– Collect various pets, with over 300 cute pets waiting to be collected!

Meta Merge - P2E

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