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Monster Knights – EN

Official Launch(TW, HK, MO) – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 魔靈騎士團 (by MPB Game Studio)

You are the Chief Demon Knight! In this idle idle game, easily tap the screen to select skills, and kill massive enemies and major dark lords! Ready for an adventure?

Join the battle today! Download Monster Knights now, waiting for you to fight!


Random skill matching, one career and multiple genres of gameplay!
Unified growth equipment, exquisite “liver protection” system!
Unlock exquisite skins and enhance character attributes!
Rare artifacts don’t need to be exploded, just sign in and get them!
Many cute pets accompany you to escort and help pass the level!


Five series of skills, any combination, configure your own powerful attack skill combination.
Complete character development system, equipment enchantment, gem system, to create top-level suits.
Free your hands and take risks easily; hang up to fight, automatically push pictures, and receive offline rewards with one click.


Abundant branch levels and various leisure challenges make the road of your character development no longer boring.
Competitive PK, compete with the top players on the leaderboard.
Multiple people fight together, fight against the world BOSS together, and receive generous rewards.
Pet hatching and development, draw cards ten times in a row, and cultivate your high-level cute pets.
American cartoon style, nostalgic and classic!


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