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League of Monsters (Monster Legends)

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Monster Legends: Idle RPG (by Fuzhou Phoenix Network Technology Co Ltd)

Fight alongside monsters with specific power in this unique silhouette style, strategy based IDLE RPG!

Start your adventure, summon and level up your monsters, gather with allies to fight the Epic BOSS, occupy towers, dominate on PvP Arena and become the strongest monster trainer!

Game Features

Summon monsters, build squads
Over 100 heroes in different factions to play! Collect an array of monster cards and build your own squad!

Monster Legends: Idle RPG

Battle automatically, loot effortlessly
Get great rewards even when you’re AFK! Your monster squad will battle automatically for you.

Monster Legends: Idle RPG

Develop castle, train monsters
Out of battlefield, enjoy a good time at your own castle. Train your monsters and see stories happening.

Monster Legends: Idle RPG

Enjoy rich gameplay, earn multiple fun
In addition to PvP and PvE, players can get generous rewards by challenging mini-games and level up your monsters in another way!

Worldwide Arena
Put your best monsters for an arena battle and let others see the glory. You can climb up in the leaderboard to have more rewards!

A visually stunning world awaits You. Play the all new summoner-battle game now!

Monster Legends: Idle RPG
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