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Mystery Romance


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mystery Romance (by V2R)

Join the journey to uncover hidden truths with Mystery Romance, a Match3 game with a mysterious storyline featuring Lillian.

“Mystery Romance” presents an innovative Match3 gaming experience, offering an exciting adventure that blends romantic storytelling with a mysterious atmosphere. The game’s protagonist, Lillian, is a detective who embarks on adventures with Raven and Harvey to solve incidents unfolding in the city’s darkness.

Mystery Romance

Players engage in the journey to uncover hidden truths by solving Match3 puzzles, progressing the romance and story between characters. Advancing the story enhances character skills, aiding in solving mysterious cases.

Mystery Romance

Elegant illustrations and dark atmospheric backgrounds provide players with a romantic yet suspenseful experience. Through special events and a rich gameplay experience, users will become immersed in the city’s darkness and romantic thrills. Mystery Romance invites you into a charming world of romance and mystery.

How to Play
Move gems to match three or more of the same color.
Progress through the story to unleash the abilities of your allies!

Mystery Romance

Game Features

Engage in the thrilling story mode to uncover secrets within the city!
Continuous updates introduce numerous stages for ongoing excitement.
Play the game without entry restrictions and without the need for data!
No game entry restrictions like life hearts, allowing unlimited play!
Play offline without needing an internet connection!
Don’t worry about Wi-Fi! (Completely free)

Mystery Romance


If you do not save in the in-game, your data will be reset when deleting the application or changing devices. Additionally, changing devices will also reset data.
Although a free app, it includes in-game currency, items, and premium products like ad removal.
Interstitial, banner, and video ads are present.

Mystery Romance
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