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Neon Guardian – Android

Official Launch – Android

💡 Platform – iOS | Android

The description of Neon Guardian (by Patrick Er)

Fight to survive! Team up with mighty Guardbots to battle formidable foes, acquire powerful skills and gear, and forge your legend!

Neon Guardian is a casual roguelike game where you play as a survivor, and survive the massive waves of monsters with the assistance of Guardbots, and create your own legend!

Game Features

Brand New Experience, Satisfying Battles

Unique gameplay that combines Guardbot skills to create a thrilling battle experience

Neon Guardian

Diverse Skills, Fast-Paced

Experience many roguelike skills, and exhilarating battles

Neon Guardian

Unique Heroes, Unlock More Skills

Obtain more Heroes and upgrade them to unlock powerful skills

Neon Guardian

Interesting Challenges with Sophisticated Monster AI

Various types of monsters and combat A with interesting mechanical designs. Challenge unique bosses

Simple Controls, Easy to Pick Up

Play with one hand. Enjoy auto-shooting. A game that is suitable for all ages and a blessing for those with limited dexterity

App Store – US

Neon Guardian

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