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The description of ABYSS KNIGHTS (by BiliBili)

The teenage knight Attar, betrayed by his country and his Allies.
Before his death, he made a covenant with the “demon of the thirteenth Seat” and fell into a foreign realm called “the Confluence,”
Become a hunter, code-named “The Mourner,”
Start fulfilling the contract — hunting the gods.


The confluence is on the other side of the river of life and death, the end of all life forms.
Where time and space, history and myth, past and future,
Indescribably interwoven and overlapping.
It is the sum of all beginnings and ends, cause and effect.
It all forms a whirlpool of eternal flow that slowly slides into the abyss.


Now, however, by unknown misfortunes, all the cycles have stalled,
The law of death becomes weaker.
The end of life becomes countless paths, the decay of the earth and the gods here wandering can not leave.
The demons who run the confluence,
Are digging deep in their own ways, looking for ways to mend the broken cycle.
And come closer to the pale truth in this cage…


This is a girl on her way home,
The story of killing, growing up, redemption, becoming king.
It is also the story of meeting and parting with dozens of fellow travelers with shining souls and heading for fate.

The graveyard and cradle of the world, the Confluence, is about to unfold for you.
Go and bring death to the gods, Mourner.


Dot operation] Mobile terminal specialty, gorgeous and smart, wide open and unique combat experience.
Provide manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic (need map exploration) operation gear, really do move is dripping, static is electronic pot.

Role alienation After stepping into the depth of the “Confluence”, hunters approach the “paradise”,
Affected by the law of life, and gradually produce distortion, alienation, this change is often related to teammates.
Certain dissimilations give rise to exceptionally powerful beings. Players can use these rules to build rich, powerful, and imaginative hunter builds.


Different from the concept of most mobile games, we advocate providing miracles.
The map is free to explore, and every adventure can yield extremely rare and powerful items. Among them, the item called “taboo” will bring subversive changes in nature.
Life is already very hard, how can playing a game lack “dream”?


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