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Night of Mayhem – Cyberpunk TD

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Night of Mayhem – Cyberpunk TD (by MASON GAMES)

In the midst of the neon lit city, a sinister plot takes a turn and gives birth to an unstoppable force. Inspired by games in the same genre such as Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner and Death Stranding, Cyberpunk Tower Defense takes the classic tower defense gameplay and turns it into a cyberpunk mayhem!

Night of Mayhem - Cyberpunk TD

Cyberpunk Tower Defense is a tower defense game where you have 3 characters that will defend against waves of mindless cyborg drones. Each character belongs to a faction which uses different weapons and elements to combat different types of threat. The three elements found in Cyberpunk Tower Defense are: Redinium, Nanopulse and Snythogen. Like any tower defense mobile games, you’ll need to use strategy in order to win. Spin the platform around to counter specific types of enemies in order to destroy them.

Night of Mayhem - Cyberpunk TD

The Resistance is our only hope. Enter the guardians of the future. Choose from 6 unique cyberpunk inspired characters that use different weapon elements to shoot down the horde of attacking zombies. Use a different combination of elements to shoot down enemies with different element makeup. Fight through different parts of the city. Do not let the cyborg drones control any of the main points!

Night of Mayhem - Cyberpunk TD

With each completed wave, you have the opportunity to upgrade your characters and the platform you’re on. You can increase damage, critical damage chance and even your gunner platform’s HP pool. Spend your upgrade points to better align with your tower defense strategy.

You can also increase stats of each of the characters you’ve played in the main menu after each playthrough using the materials collected from each level. Pick up different types of upgrade materials after clearing each enemy wave. Collect them and upgrade the characters according to the requirement list.


Fast paced TD style action game.
Strong cyberpunk genre influence
Neon lit cyberpunk style level design
Cool original character designs
Upgradable options to improve gameplay for harder levels
Smooth input detection

Night of Mayhem - Cyberpunk TD

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