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Ninja Alien: Survival Arena

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ninja Alien: Survival Arena (by Spicy Sparks)

Top Down Arena with a dynamic sword combat system and a wide variety of swords to unlock & use against enemy hordes, bosses and many more threats!

During the Feudal Japan Time aliens came, attacking villages and forcing people to escape; but visitors will have to deal with a legend hero… will you be able to drive away all aliens?

Ninja Alien: Survival Arena
Ninja Alien: Survival Arena

Fully dynamic sword combat system
Enemy Waves
Unique Bosses
Customize Ninja’s robes; masks and weapon
More than 20 legend swords to unlock
Maps and new world to explore
Many items to be gathered
Potions and power up to Craft

Ninja Alien: Survival Arena
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