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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 諾德蘭大陸 (by SummerfunGame)

The Goddess of Holy Flame and the God of Night are respectively in charge of the most powerful light and dark forces in the Nordland continent. Day and night are alternately born here, time begins to flow, and the world begins.

Due to people’s widespread belief in the Holy Flame Goddess who represents hope, Night God was dissatisfied, and Night God tried to use the power of dark magic to destroy Nordland. In order to save the world, the Holy Flame Goddess sacrificed her life to seal the Night God, and turned it into an eternal fire, which was placed on the eternal lighthouse to illuminate the world. But a hundred years later, the Night God awakened and broke through the seal, and the eternal fire spread all over the world. In order to save the world, the righteous and brave adventurers embarked on a journey to find the eternal fire and confront the dark forces.


And you, as the legendary “Twilight Messenger” who has completed the mission of saving the world, what interesting adventure stories will happen in this world?

Game Features:
Challenge the boss and defeat World of Warcraft
The adventurer team assembles! Work together to defeat the evil monsters, dispel the power of darkness, and save the continent of Nordland!


Diverse careers, exquisite fashion
Multiple career choices, independent face-squeezing system, open world dress-up adventure!
[Phantoms awaken, pets assist]
Through the awakening of the phantom, you can get more powerful partners to accompany you on your adventures, and travel the continent with your cute pets!


Guild boss, partner battle
Join the Adventurer Guild, meet like-minded friends, form a team to explore together, and defeat the guild boss!
[Hang AFK mining, unlimited equipment]
Automatically mine mines, forge magical equipment, enhance magic power, and greatly increase your strength.

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO


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