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Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of DarkCutie (by YU521UP)

Simple! Exquisite! Freely!Fun and not tiring, versatile combinations.

Fun ​is determined by me
Players can play the game with maximum freedom and openness, completely bidding farewell to the daily card playing style! All treasures can be obtained by defeating monsters, and even small monsters can lose top-notch equipment. Anything is possible!

Easy to get started
Swipe the screen with one hand to fight, saving time for running and finding monsters. Hundreds of ‘aid’ provide support for players in battles, freely combining aid teams, making it difficult to master! Just occasionally sliding up and down, easy to operate but versatile in strategy.


Magic find
Five major maps, free to search, with over 300 legendary sets for players to search for treasures. Each piece of equipment has completely random attributes and can be played with hundreds of thousands of different combinations!


Exquisite and personalized Cutie
A majestic musketeer, a silent thief, and a divine officer within reach of tentacles… Encounter assistance from different dimensions and professions, combine them to form a Heavenly Group, acquire finishing skills, and stimulate talent to continuously improve!


There are also many adventures in the game, such as brain burning puzzles that are different from battles, assistance from arcane encounters, mysterious rainbow levels… easily obtain various unexpected surprises!

A brand new dark adventure is about to begin!

Available: Google Play – SG, MY


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