AXE: Warfare


Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

💡 Languages: English, KR

The description of AXE: Warfare (by ONFACE)

AX: WARFARE is a casual combat simulation game in which you bravely fight and grow with powerful and adorable Vikings.
Lead your own Viking troops to victory with easy controls and the best commander mercenary skills!
It’s time !! It’s time to become the commander of the strongest Vikings in the world!

[Fierce battle in my hands!]
Introducing the Vikings, who may seem small at first glance, but can fight the fiercest of all!
Heroes with skills that can instantly turn the tide of battle!
And conquer enemies and triumph with various mercenaries with unique abilities!

AXE: Warfare

[Viking heroes and mercenaries with unique personalities that grow stronger as they gather!]
No more waiting for updates all day!
Combine two identical mercenaries to transform them into more powerful mercenaries!
No need to collect reinforcement materials or wait long hours to upgrade!
Defeat the enemy with the help of Viking mercenaries who grow and grow stronger in an instant !!

AXE: Warfare

[Varying amounts of addictive content!]
Exciting content that commanders who have just started the game and commanders who are completely used to combat will love!
Complete over 1300 levels and raise your Vikings!
You can even engage in daily battles and even engage in powerful boss raids to earn valuable rewards!
It is also possible to defeat other competitors and strive for the strongest position in the world with my troops, which have grown together in countless battles!
Enjoy a variety of content that’s fun and easy to play, and the more fun the more you immerse yourself, try it now for free!

AXE: Warfare
AXE: Warfare

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