Order or Origin: Time Warrior


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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Order or Origin (by TAPZEN PTE. LTD.)

War spreads throughout the continent, and the last of the magic was used to send you back to before the war started. Facing immense danger as an adventurer from another world, can you summon and lead your heroes to save the fate of Uglesius?

[Detailed Character Designs]
Enter a magical world full of unique characters and unique 2D graphics!

[Relaxed Fighting Style]
No time? No problem! Free up your mind and your hands with a fully automatic battle mode!

[Combine Strategy and Tactics]
Consider Hero weaknesses and skills as you create your formation. There is no strongest hero, only a strong formation and skill combination can turn the tide of battle!

Order or Origin: Time Warrior

[Recruit Legendary Heroes]
Recruit and train legendary heroes, learn their unique characteristics and unlock their unique skills. There are no useless heroes, every hero may become the core of a formation.

[Create a Legendary Team of Heroes]
Form a powerful team just for you. Level up epic heroes, strengthen their abilities and equip them with exclusive gear to give them unparalleled power!

Order or Origin: Time Warrior

[Diverse Game Modes]
Go on an adventure with epic heroes through varied game modes including searching through mazes, delving into dungeons, conquering towers, exploring the wilderness, solving puzzles and finding the ultimate treasure!

[Get Amazing Rewards]
With rich player benefits, get a 10X draw just be entering the game, and complete tasks to get lots of draw coupons and Diamonds!
[Rank in the Leaderboards]
Strive to be the best in various battles, form the strongest team and earn the admiration of other players!

Order or Origin: Time Warrior

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Available: Google Play – US

Order or Origin: Time Warrior

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