Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure (by AbhiTechGames)

Go on an exciting paper plane flight adventure, learn different flight mechanics & reach your destination.

PAPERLY : PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE – is all about Flying a Paper Plane, learning from previous mistakes and Head towards a Better Flight in this Physics-Driven Gameplay.

This Attractive Paper Plane World is full of Adventures and Learning how to fly well and Exploration is Key !

Take Deep Dive into this World of Paper Airplanes, The Goal is simple Cover all Different Landscapes and have fun throughout this process, The Background Wind sound and Physics on that paper plane will give you kind of feel that you are actually that paper airplane that flying around that world, Try this game once for sure !

Gravity will be your Best Friend in this Journey of Exploration and it will act as an Engine for your Paper Plane, Make Sure to have Best use of it. Diving Down will give you more Momentum and Going up will take Momentum from your airplane. You have adapt to the environment in each chapter to be able to clear it.

Take a flight as a Paper Plane and Explore a World full of ADVENTURES !
Make your Paper Plane Fly & Travel through Dry Deserts, Tropical Forests, Ice Caves of Arctic, etc.
Collect Quantum as you fly and Unlock NEW PAPER PLANES.
Take a some Wind Boost and Dash on Air like CRAZY !
In this paper plane planet, For Keeping your Journey Alive.
Colliding with anything in this world will led to Crash Landing of your Paper Plane.
Interactive Menu Navigations
7 Different Landscapes.
8 unlockable Paper Planes.
Experience a very Relaxing Journey !

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure
Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure
Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

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Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

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