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Party Hero

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Party Hero (by CODEMON)

It’s a game that you can enjoy without charge.

A lonely warrior who fought alone meets the strongest girl party members!

Party Hero

Pull out dozens of weapons, armor and equip them to warriors.
It gets crazy strong.

Invest in accessories when you have some equipment.
You can feel the stormy growth.

Party Hero

The story with party members, which opens every 10 stages, is also a point to watch

If you participate in the ‘I’m the only one’ you can get the goods you need to strengthen your party members.
One additional ticket per hour is given to the Alone Raid, and the number of tickets is initialized at midnight every night.
Please participate before the next day.

Party Hero

If you strengthen the warrior, the party members become stronger as well. I want to strengthen the party members separately and increase their favorability
We can grow into the best party ever.

Party Hero

With the support of the members of the party, I’m going to play with the other than PVP
Let’s have a competition. The party members will be sad if they lose.

Party Hero

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