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Mechanic Legends – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mechanic Legends (by Abocado)

The game-changing substance ‘MK-999,’ destined to alter the course of humanity, has been stolen by wicked monsters! Deploy all your skills to confront these monsters and reshape the future of humanity!

Mechanics possess these skills!

Robot Crafting Technology
You can collect robot parts through dungeons. Assemble the collected parts to create your very own robot with various skills. Robots are easy to create but prove highly effective against the menacing monsters.

Mechanic Legends

Explosives Crafting Technology
Mechanics are adept not only in machinery but also in explosives crafting. From walking bombs to missiles that can bombard entire areas – recover the substance faster with various attack methods.

Mechanic Legends

AI Hunting Technology
Hunting and getting stronger automatically, even when you’re away? Mechanics and robots are equipped with state-of-the-art AI models. They can hunt monsters 24/7 without direct control and can progressively become stronger each day without the need for constant login.

Mechanic Legends

Treasure Mining Technology
You can mine and plunder treasures from various dungeons inhabited by these wicked monsters. Using machinery can help you plunder more treasures more effectively. Curious about what kind of robot you can create with the plundered treasures?

Mechanic Legends

Parts Assembly Technology
Dealing with many machines and facing enemies requires Mechanics to carry lots of parts in their bags. Merging these parts to create stronger components and awakening them…? Just by merging, you can continue to grow stronger!

Mechanic Legends

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