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Payback Time: Story of Revenge

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Payback Time: Story of Revenge (by Lina Games INC.)

An old soldier’s fire in his heart never extinguished. Let’s ignite this fire together with “Payback Time”! Kane, a former soldier who lost his family in an explosion. Now, he embarks on a journey to seek out those responsible for this painful loss and deliver justice. Gather your courage, arm yourself, and hunt down your enemies one by one!

Payback Time: Story of Revenge

Action-Packed Adventure: Join Kane on his revenge-fueled journey and showcase your skills to defeat your enemies.

Diverse Arsenal: The game features a wide range of impressive weapons, from machine guns to shotguns, to help you defeat your enemies.

Payback Time: Story of Revenge

Simple Controls, Challenging Battles: “Payback Time” is easy to play but challenging to master, calling on you to be challenged at every level. Improve your skills and become a true hero!

Stunning Graphics: Our game’s linear graphics will enchant you! Detailed worlds, realistic effects, and breathtaking scenery will draw you in.

Payback Time: Story of Revenge

Reach the Big Boss: Kane will risk all kinds of dangers to find his mother’s killers. Defeat your enemies, gather clues, and ultimately reach the big boss!

Are you ready? The sound of revenge is echoing! It’s time to deliver justice with “Payback Time”!

Download now and embark on a legendary adventure!

Payback Time: Story of Revenge

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