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Pre Master – Official iOS

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The description of Pre Master (by Pre Master (by yanstudios)

Pre Master Attempting to create a world that combines “underground gangs” and “traditional martial arts”, the main stage of the story is a group of small fishing villages in the south, which developed into a relatively stable coastal town – K-city after the “Dragon’s Head War”. Martial arts master Hu Zhen received a mysterious letter and went to K-city to discover his brother Hu Jia, who had been missing for many years, who was actually active in K-city.

Pre Master
Pre Master

Players will play martial arts master Hu Zhen and receive apprenticeship and education in K-city, Simultaneously tracking the trajectory of his younger brother Hujia, he discovered a huge conspiracy hidden under k-city and fulfilled his own mission.

Pre Master

Playing method
Attribute cultivation (standard RPG game attribute)
Kicking system (six martial arts schools+various challenge modes)

Pre Master

Apprentice system (you can receive more apprentices, train your own apprentices and take them out to duel with others, or take them out for a tournament) as the player level rises.

Pre Master

Task system (a routine plot, although there are no ups and downs, but there are also various reversals and small climaxes)
Moves and weapon systems (we have made nearly 50 moves for players to combine at will. Weapons include knives, sticks, swords, daggers, pistols, etc.)

Pre Master

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