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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Prisca (by B. Walker)

Prisca is a mobile fantasy RTS game set in a prehistoric time where you set upon a quest to build your warrior tribe and lead them to glorious battle against menacing enemy tribes in a land filled with ferocious beasts.

You begin the game by selecting a male or female hero warrior who can level up over time as you play. Use your hero to complete objectives and earn tech points spendable at the tech tree screen to improve you tribes buildings, weapons and stats.


The tech tree is flexible and provides players free rein to create your own unique army. In this demo, we have prepared 6 levels that help you understand the games core mechanics. You can replay each level as many times as you want and you will be rewarded with items.


On your journey you will need to construct various buildings and produce warrior units to succeed. Prisca features a simple construction system designed for mobile touch devices that gives you total control over your warriors with less fuss and all the fun of an RTS game on PC.
The game also provides full control over camera rotation, zoom and pan and includes multiple unit selection using both tap or drag gestures. Use the group selection feature to create groups of warrior units, ensuring you deliver your best strategy at all times.


There are 4 kinds of building currently available; the Main House, Barracks, Arena, and Forge. The Main House is your home base and is required to build all other buildings.
The Barracks produces tier 1 units, which are the most basic type of unit. They are fast and cheaply produced.
The Arena can train tier 1 units into stronger units.
The Forge is where you can manufacture various weaponry and armour for your trained units.
Buildings and units can be further upgraded and modified via the tech tree.


As a prehistoric warlord, you must lead your tribe of warriors through a land of wild beasts and dangerous enemies as you capture and pillage enemy resources, villages and bases to take control and conquer this sprawling savage wasteland.

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