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RaceFi – NFT

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RaceFi (by NMB JSC)

RaceFi is a Decentralized Metaverse and Car racing game built on Web3 infrastructure and Multichain (Solana, BNBChain, Polygon). RaceFi is a new era of digital car racing. RaceFi delivers hyperreal racing to the palm of your hand. Now you can experience the next generation of car gaming with RaceFi!

Own and Control Cars on Your Mobile Device
We aim to provide millions of car lovers around the world the huge opportunity to own and control various car models in an unprecedented way. Countless famous car collections such as Porsche, Mercedes, Jesko, Genesis, … are NFTs so you can fully own them.
We investigated and designed car controls to be real like never before on mobile devices, with the essential interactions and level of difficulty acceptable for players of all skill levels. This real car racing game is a fantastic driving simulator for you.

RaceFi - NFT

Game Modes – Single Player and Multiplayer
In Single Player mode, under a limited time, you have to control your car, tear up the road, mile after km, to cross the finish line in a single-player race over gorgeous racecourses.
In case you are yearning to compete against 5 other players, your friends or any other racers around the world, show off your driving and drifting skills, then the online Multiplayer race would be your ideal choice. Feel the actual racing experience as you burnout down the lane and burst from your staging beams in many races from Asia to Europe.
Ready to master the races in RaceFi now!

RaceFi - NFT

Exciting Tournaments
If super races are what you’ve been waiting for, then surely, RaceFi has many tournaments. We often organize tournaments for all racers to have interesting competitions on the track. And absolutely, the racers with the best performance will win many valuable rewards.

RaceFi - NFT

Racing Leaderboard
Data from real matches being played around the world is collated weekly, and the top 10 riders are announced both in-game and on RaceFi’s community webs to promote competition among players. In addition, all players’ data is also recorded and can be freely viewed on the leaderboard in the game.

Official website

RaceFi - NFT
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