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Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (Realm of Mecha)

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Realm of Mecha (by Easy To Use App)

It’s been years since NASA initiated the Mars Colonization Program. However, humans still haven’t gained full control of this planet because of its aborigines—the Omar Swarms. They seem to be thrilled about humans’ arrival because they see us as scarce food.

To sustain the human race, we have to make it livable for humans on Mars, since the Earth is no longer a sweet blue planet we called home. General, eliminate the Swarms and build a Base to protect people! It’s going to be a long and treacherous path, but there will be a crowd of people helping you. Use a little strategy, you can be the great creator of human civilization on Mars and be admired by the future generations!


Explore the unknown areas outside your Base! When your Exploration Progress reaches 100%, you can expand your Base! But be careful outside, you may bump into giant alien sandworms and spiders!

Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (Realm of Mecha)

Strategically send your troops to fulfill various missions! You can drag your troops to any destination you want them to be, and they’ll help you repair damaged cabins, clear ruins, and slay Swarms!

Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (Realm of Mecha)

Rescue the survivors of Swarm attacks, and invite them to join you! Build human civilization on Mars is a tough mission, you’ll need more hands.

Recruit skilled Martians! Most of them were born on Mars and have a thorough understanding of what we are up against. They can be a great help to our cause!

Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (Realm of Mecha)

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Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (Realm of Mecha)
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