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Little Journeys

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Little Journeys (by Simdin)

Little Journeys lets you experience a fantastic blend of satisfying challenge and enjoyable serenity at the same time. Test your dexterity while piloting an unusual aircraft and feel the freedom of flying.

Dozens of little islands float up in the sky. Each is different, each has its own vibes and each is a beloved homeland for its people. Those folks, like everybody else, need to move from place to place. Ultimately, everybody runs some errands, right? No one can help with their little journeys better than you.

You own the blimp, a small steam-powered aircraft and you are the best pilot ever seen (or will become one soon ☺). Take your passengers, soar in the sky and carry them wherever they wish. Fly above mountains, whoosh through narrow canyons and compete with unpredictable winds. Feel like a bird, fly fast and high, but touch the ground with the softness of a feather. Ultimately, the safety of your grateful passengers is the key!

Take up the challenge of steering a blimp — an aircraft with high inertia and fragile construction. With a simple two-finger touch control, you will carry little folks around. You will glide among forests and mountains, above deserts and seas, battling with difficult terrain, winds, animals and time pressure. Each mission will surprise you with a beautiful, unique map, manually designed and created from scratch.

While advancing your adventure, new customizations and abilities will be revealed, including trophies, perks, and new aircrafts. This will keep you engaged till the very last exciting mission. 

Feel the sky, master the blimp, and keep your passengers safe!

Little Journeys
Little Journeys
Little Journeys

▪ the challenge of steering a blimp
▪ the Zen pleasure and fun!
▪ trophies, perks and customizations
▪ very simple yet challenging two-finger touch control
▪ beautiful graphics, a variety of environments
▪ each level and mission carefully designed completely from scratch
▪ physics-based smooth gameplay
▪ moody music
▪ Google Play Games integration
▪ free to play, without overwhelming ads (we really want you to enjoy the gameplay!)

Little Journeys
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