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Reign of Destiny – Official iOS

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Reign of Destiny (by WISH INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED)

📜 Developer Note:

  • Reign of Destiny
  • Ready to revive your empire?
  • Now is on iOS in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand

Reign of Destiny is a gorgeous medieval palace simulation RPG.

Reign of Destiny, a playable epic of a queen. Break the boundaries of history and embark on a journey through the original story of the Middle Ages. Revive the empire, reclaim the pinnacle of power, and become a queen whose name will be remembered throughout history.

You, the last descendant of the fallen imperial bloodline, embark on a journey to revive the past splendor of the old empire…

Original Story
Immerses you in an empire’s journey of revenge, allowing it to grow through experiences of intrigue and romance. Multiple branching choices to guide you in writing your own epic.

Reign of Destiny

Luxury Dress-Up
Reproduce royal garments and outshine yourself in the palace with distinctive accessories, luxurious scepters, exquisite jewelry. Delivers multiple styles and a supreme queenly experience.

Reign of Destiny

Devoyed Lovers
A heightened experience of sweet love, offering a variety of personalities and races lovers for chosen to capture your heart. Deep interactions to build affection, unlock rewards, and reap the immersive joys of sweet romance.

Reign of Destiny

Noble Offspring
Procreate imperial offspring to continue the royal bloodline, delight in nurturing, targeted skill development, royal marriages, and bolstering the might of the empire.

Reign of Destiny

Loyal Knights
Historical heroes and knightly glory revived, swearing loyalty, enhancing strength, reclaiming the kingdom’s lost land. Experience imperial power struggles, strategic deployments, and battlefield formations to command the kingdom.

Reign of Destiny

Kingdom Management
Imperial rule, showcasing political acumen, adjusting laws, manipulating the empire’s destiny,
and crafting a thriving realm of your own.

Available: Google Play | App Store – CA, SG, AU, MY, etc…


Reign of Destiny
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