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Runemaster Idle : AFK RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Runemaster Idle (by highbrow)

No more boring side-scrolling hunting!
Battles that are enjoyable to watch! Global Idle game is now released!

Next level battle

An AFK action RPG where player and monster movements are on another level
ZERO controls! It feels like someone is controlling it for you!
Become the best with various skill combinations!

Runemaster Idle : AFK RPG

Together with your guild members!

Create a guild and play together!
Even a guild chat is available!
RM’s cherry on top! Join boss raids with your guild members!

Runemaster Idle : AFK RPG

Unique PvP

Add Dash, Jump, and Evade to your character and enjoy dynamic PvP!
Become the best in the PvP ranking battle.

Runemaster Idle : AFK RPG

Cute, pixel characters

Play the game and meet the cute, pixel runemasters.
Various costumes will be regularly updated!

Runemaster Idle : AFK RPG

Bountiful rewards

Daily Login Bonus!
Your characters become stronger even when you do not play! We also prepared offline AFK rewards for you!
Don’t miss GM’s numerous random mail rewards!
Various Event Dungeons will be added!

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