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Reverse: 1999

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The description of Reverse: 1999 (by Bluepoch Co.,Ltd.)

Reverse: 1999 is a 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG developed by BluePoch.

In this world, regular humans and mystical Arcanists live in uneasy coexistance. The “Manus Vindictae”—a group of Arcanists—are determined to restore Arcanum-users to their former glory. They seem to have some connection with the emergence of the “Storm”, a mysterious arcane phenomenon that is reverting the timeline, preventing human and arcanist alike from seeing past the year 1999.

Reverse: 1999

As the only one immune to the effects of the “Storm”, the St. Pavlov Foundation—an institution dedicated to the protection of Arcanists—has appointed you Timekeeper; observer of eras. With the aid of Sonetto, a powerful Arcanist and ally from the Foundation, your mission is to travel through eras to where the “Storm” is most active, find other Arcanists who can sense the coming “Storm” and save them from being “sifted out” of the timeline.

Reverse: 1999

A Cinematic Adventure across the 20th Century
From the Roaring ’20s to the turn of the millennium, embark on a journey through time and space to uncover the truth about the “Storm” and the mystery of the year 1999.

Reverse: 1999

Full English Voice Acting with Authentic Accents
Immerse yourself in ages past. Enjoy a story performed by a diverse cast of voice actors with varied accents.

Reverse: 1999

Fantastic Arcanists from Different Times and Regions
People once called them “mages”, “wizards”, and “freaks”. Now they live in uneasy coexistence with regular humans… But who are the Arcanists, really?

Reverse: 1999

Weave Arcane Incantations in mystical battles
Build your team, cast spells, and use arcane skills to defeat your enemies. Begin your journey through time in this mystical RPG adventure.

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Reverse: 1999

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