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Revival and Exploration

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Revival and Exploration (by Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment)

“Revival and Exploration” is an Eastern classical ink painting style simulation and management mobile game that combines building, trading, development, and exploration elements.

The game is based on fictional themes and takes place in the land of Yu Tian in a different world. Players take on the role of a city lord who leads the residents in rebuilding the city and defending against the invasion of the demon tribe. As a lord on the plains, players freely explore maps with various terrains, such as deserts, swamps, ice fields, and volcanoes. Starting from scratch, they repair buildings, restore trade routes, venture out to defeat wild beasts and demons, and build the strongest and most prosperous city!

Revival and Exploration

As the lord, players will lead residents with different abilities to explore territories, collect resources, build cities, and create a unique paradise! Production and trade, character development, and equipment enhancement allow players to enjoy the fun of building a home from scratch, bringing stability and prosperity to this continent ravaged by demons!

Revival and Exploration

Character Design: Eastern Classical Ink Painting Style 3D
Breaking the traditional 2D simulation and management game genre, 3D modeled characters have more visually differentiated characteristics. Characters have more interactive and lively actions in battles and resource collection scenes! The Eastern ink painting style character designs and clothing styles come with a Q-version of the art style, allowing for a character system that supports free customization with various accessories and external/internal character development.

Revival and Exploration

Character Design – The Four Occupations
Merchants: Appear in the game as NPC customers. Each customer has a unique background story that unfolds gradually. As players meet new customers, they experience a new story, and each character has their own preferences. Building relationships and improving each customer’s affinity will help players overcome more challenges.

Revival and Exploration

Scholars, farmers, craftsmen, and other characters: Can be recruited and controlled by players. Micro-interactions and character interactions are emphasized, and characters showcase their daily lives on the map with a range of emotions. The game offers many fun interactions, such as treasure hunting, training, and worshipping at shrines. Discover more and build a prosperous city with these tiny characters!

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Revival and Exploration

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