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Project D


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Project D (by UnlockGame)

Embark on a Heroic Journey in the best MMORPG!

Pre-registration Rewards:
Limited Wings *1
Massive Mysterious Resources
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Project D

Experience the Thrill of Rapid Growth
Pursue the joy of growth at an exciting pace!

Project D

Ultra-high Drop Rates
Can I have so many Rare Gear drops? Yes! Luck favors the brave!

Cross-server Battles! Guild Wars!
Climb to the top of the rankings in an instant! Glory and Rewards are in your hands! No need to worry about direct participation in gameplay! You have access to incredibly Powerful Gear!

Project D

Free Trading
Can I only defeat the Bosses to obtain Gear? Definitely No! Feel free to Buy the Gear you desire! A truly free Trading System. Obtaining Gear? It’s a piece of cake!

Dazzling Skins
Gorgeous and distinctive Mounts, Wings, and Outfits. Show off your unique Character without hesitation

Project D

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