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Shadow Knight

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Shadow Knight (by FOUR PIRATES INC)

The Shadow Kingdom is being invaded by unknown alien enemies! In order to protect his home from destruction, the Shadow Knight went to fight the enemy outside the city, regardless of the danger! But now the equipment on the knight has become very worn after a long period of fighting!

In order for the kingdom and the knights to overcome this difficult battle, help the Shadow Knight upgrade his equipment and repel powerful enemies!

Shadow Knight

Relaxing and stress-relieving experience!
You can upgrade and strengthen your weapons and increase their combat power with just one hand operation. It is not a problem to destroy the enemy at all! The game has added idle combat gameplay, allowing you to pass the level more easily!

Shadow Knight

Get hundreds of items easily!
In the game, you can get multiple types of items, such as campfires, combat skill points, holy objects, etc., and there are hundreds of weapons of different qualities waiting for you to unlock! When you are in trouble in the game, timely replacement of high-quality items and weapons must be the best way to improve your combat power and clear the level!

Shadow Knight

Compete for the Arena Championship!
The game will record the number of levels and combat power of all knights in the ranking list. The knights ranked at the top can receive a large number of rewards provided by the Kingdom of Shadows! I believe you are ready to stand out from the many knights and get your own championship!

Shadow Knight

Diverse and rich gameplay!
There are many interesting ways to play in the game waiting for you to discover! For example, in the Elite Trial, you can encounter various strange-looking enemies. As long as you successfully defeat them, you can get a lot of rewards! In addition, the game also has fog attack, treasure chest collection, competitive mode and other gameplay modes!

Shadow Knight

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