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Slime Hunter

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Slime Hunter:Hyper Casual Game (by 무지개토끼)

“A sticky creature… It initially appeared cute and harmless on the surface.
However, through countless evolutions, it developed intelligence and began to consume and absorb everything in the world.
In response, the hunters emerged to combat it…”

Hyper Casual Shoothing Roguelike!
Simple and Intuitive Control!
Addictive gameplay packed with action!

Slime Hunter with a lot of personality!
Combine character-specific skills with roguelike abilities!
Fight against slimes with flashy and strategic combos!

Slime Hunter

My Own Fighting Style!
Develop your own combat style!
Wipe up the enemies by combining various equipment!

Slime Hunter

A World Full of Slimes!
Each chapter is implemented with different maps and environments!
Defeat slimes with various traits and save the world!

Slime Hunter

Various Content
– Normal mode/Hell mode
– Talent system
– Time attack
– Daily dungeons
– Survival

Slime Hunter
YouTube player

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