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Sky Dancer 2

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sky Dancer 2 (by Topebox)

Hello Sky Dancers – The Challengers!
Get ready to be a pioneer in finding a new beginning. Under God’s control, the roads become more fraught with a lot of obstacles and attacks by mighty monsters. But with your strength and skillful skills, we believe you are the first one to set foot in the peaceful promised land.
Sky Dancer 2 features simple gameplay but no shortage of tactics and skills. You need to control the character to avoid obstacles, perform jumps, and fight the devils to complete the challenge. But don’t worry, the passive skills and equipment systems will support you if you can make them work together.

Sky Dancer 2
Sky Dancer 2
Sky Dancer 2

Our Key Features:
– Action & More Action: With the base experience of the predecessor, now with epic boss battles, Sky Dance 2 will bring you more challenges: Get through more complicated topography, overcome many more obstacles and unlock many more new worlds.
– A clicker mechanic in battle will help you release stress with satisfying moments, plus the epic visual of the battle, which will help to please your eyes too.
– Rogue-like Element: Add more strategy into the game, choosing the right skills and the way you combine them will lead to victory. Sky Dancer 2 will need some focus on strategy and also on arranging the skill combination wisely.
– RPG Element: There are tons of items and weapons to help you to build the characters in your way with unique looks/skills/abilities, no one like others.

Available: Google Play – US

Sky Dancer 2

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