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Sky Invasion: Reboot

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sky Invasion: Reboot (by U8)

You are the earth’s last defence force with dozens of different aircraft for you to choose from—from fighter jets to cutesy looking ones! All with their own unique upgrades, weapons, bullets and even an ultimate move to use at your disposal.

Use a variety of different weapons to get the advantage and become the Earth’s last defence force in epic boss battles! The enemy forces are led by truly monstrous-looking planes with different combat abilities!

Rescue and gather your forces to overwhelm the enemy in this classic shoot-em-up plane game.

Game Features

Easy and Fun

Easy to learn and play; use your plane’s special ultimate as auto shooting is permanent!

Sky Invasion: Reboot

Unlock and upgrade your planes

Collect and upgrade a variety of different lands to use as you progress through the game. This will bring in some unique gameplay elements and more strategic options the more you play.

Sky Invasion: Reboot

Exciting Gameplay

Use a variety of different weapons to score higher. Combine different weapon combos to unlock a special rarity for the staggooge.

Sky Invasion: Reboot

Conquer the leaderboard

Challenge your friends by scoring the highest in various challenges. Ascend to the top and become the very best!

Sky Invasion: Reboot

Be the Earth’s last defense force

Defeat those who would stand in your way to achieve victory! Ascend to the top and become the very best!

Sky Invasion: Reboot

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