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Soul of War: Legions

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Soul of War: Legions (by Small Supercell War Studio)

Do you want to be the commander who leads legions of armies and go through wonderful battles? Restore the magical battlefield of medieval dragons and magic, and create a ultimate multiplayer PvP automatic battle card game “Soul of War”.

Soul of War: Legions

We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms. Collect powerful legion cards and build powerful decks. Choose core gameplay artifacts to match different racial legions, and control the ever-changing battle situation.Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, use deep wisdom and strategy to defeat all opponents who dare to challenge you.

Soul of War: Legions

How to play:

1. Utilize Troop Formations:
Each troop card has extraordinary abilities; use your strategy to create your own powerful deck, and use your intelligence and wisdom to turn the tide in PvE and PvP battles.
2. Utilize card combination:
Whether it’s legions, tasks, or heroes, every card in “Soul of War” can bring incredible effects and interactions, altering the game.
3. Utilize your artifacts:
Different artifacts have different effects in battle. Understanding artifact skills can help you win in combat.
4. Multiple modes :
PVP: Determine the winner in 8-player PvP auto-battles. Only one person can have the last laugh! Can you win the final crown? Winner winner Chicken dinner~
-Single-player ladder competitive PvP mode: “Soul of War” Solo Rank gameplay, tense and exciting, 8-player match, winner takes all. Eight real online players matched into one game, use your strategy, observe your, and grasp the rhythm of upgrading and searching for cards. Eventually, build up your core cards and trigger rapid growth strategies, dealing fatal blows to other opponents.
-Two-player ladder competitive PvP mode: “Soul of War” Duo Rank gameplay, more entertainment-oriented, two-player team battles, requiring communication and cooperation, matching interesting artifact combinations, exchanging skills with each other, creating rich new systems and gameplay, with even more surprises.
PVE: Single-player casual asynchronous PvP mode: “Soul of War” Campaign gameplay, suitable for casual and fragmented time players, with no time limit, pause the game at any time, and continue after finishing tasks. Plenty of time to think and choose. Each round you’ll be matched with a different player’s mirror legion, and the game will help you match similar-strength opponents. Choose skilled artifacts, match your legion cards, grow your legion from 1 to 1000 or more, and conquer other opponents.

Soul of War: Legions

Game features:

1. Over 50 artifact and 100 legion card combinations to choose from!
2. The card strategy system is richer in combination and choice, and the strategic depth is more prominent than traditional pub chess and auto chess.
3. The most innovative battle system, discarding the traditional card value comparison. Real-time RTS battle system, realistically restored large-scale epic dragon and magic battles, using a real physical collision system for excellent combat experience.
4. 5 major races: humans, orcs, elves, undead, neutral. New characters and racial powers will be updated continuously in the future.

Soul of War: Legions

Enjoy strategy games that constantly bring challenges?
Want to have an invincible army?
Then come to play Soul of War: Legions!!

Soul of War: Legions

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