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SouloMania – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of SouloMania (by Compiled World)

Best 2D platformer for mobile devices – period! Beautifully stylized graphics, flashy effects, addictive gameplay, and smooth performance – all in one package. Unleash the power of SouloMania upon your foes as you venture through mesmerizing multiverse realms, each waiting to be explored!

11 mesmerizing worlds, over 100 types of enemies, and over 150 unique mechanics!
6 heroes with absolutely different play styles!
6 extra abilities and littler helpers, further customizing your progression!

SouloMania strikes a balance between pro gamers and casuals. It offers a diverse combination of heroes, abilities, and helpers that cater to everyone! In this innovative 2D platformer, YOU decide which world to visit and how to deal with your enemies.


Relaxing play style:
Don’t rush and use your time advantage to acquire extra perks!
Choose casual heroes like Phoenix and Garlic for an easy “run & gun” play style.
Get heavy one-shot abilities to clear packs of enemies at once!


Aggressive play style:
Be fast, deal rapid damage, and avoid attacks. Your Mania will grow, making you even stronger!
Choose heroes like Ash & Lexie, who wield immense power in skillful hands!
Opt-in abilities with lower cooldowns, but harder to execute!
Visit more worlds, risking your time and increasing difficulty. You’ll get rewarded for each completed world!


SouloMania offers multiple paths to success, allowing you to shape your adventure. Make wise choices and compete against your opponent in adventure to see who will be the first to reach the final world!


Board-like map gives you a selection of worlds, perks, and curses.
Overcome one-off mastery challenges to strengthen yourself against specific worlds!
Solve mini puzzles outside of adventure to enhance your collection!

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