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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 강호 (by U.LU Games)

CBT Time: 9/14 (Wed) 11:00AM ~ 9/21 (Wed) 24:00PM
Just logging in 100 draw & 100% gift of spirits

Exciting adventure in another world with cute Shinryong (cv: Lee Saeah)!
Rediscovered Kangho World

The four directions and the upper and lower sides are called u (宇), and the time from ancient times to the present is called ju (宙).
In this space-time, the universe consists of the three realms of ‘cheon’, ‘in’, and ‘hyeon’.
The history of the ghost god stone that protects the three realms dates back to the Age of Chaos.
Sang-go-won-sin made a ghost god stone of his own will.
Through this, they were able to freely cross each universe by bridging the gaps in space and time.
As the years passed, the power of the ghost god was terribly broken, and the evil spirits
He tries to rob the ghost god stone for the self-interest of the clan.
An urgent moment has come, and now the ghost god is calling you to another world in search of the master of the god stone beyond time and space.

Eoryeongsa, I command you to run to another world right now, transcending time and space!

Gorgeous effect

An all-time best MMORPG based on smooth 3D motion and high-quality 4K graphics.

An ‘open world’ that contains a vast area from sea and land to the vast sky in a world led by a high degree of freedom and immersion.


‘Soul Partner’ to join the battlefield
Experience every moment and enjoyment with your own spirits.
Thousands of combinations of spirits and even the configuration of your own best lineup!


Next-generation PBR technology, detailed skin graphic depiction, high degree of freedom of customization
From hairstyles to lenses and makeup, you can transform into an appearance that contains your own style!


Fierce Battle
Fierce GVG and PVP duels from 1vs1 to 15vs15, the more we work together, the stronger we get!
Party play possible through PVE party dungeon, AI automatic matching!


Relationship system
Open communication to form a precious relationship, automatic date matching system configuration!
A romantic dance, a warm hot spring bath, and a magical romance of the housing system (building a house) unfold!

Available: Google Play – Korea

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