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After The End – Try to Survive

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of After The End – Try to Survive (by Plus Games Studio)

In After The End you step into a world devastated by the apocalypse, where every pixel carries the weight of survival. Navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland reminiscent of retro games, encountering mutated creatures, scavengers, and remnants of civilization. The game merges elements of classic roguelike combat with a unique twist on trade mechanics, all set against the backdrop of faction-driven chaos.

As you navigate the wasteland, you encounter several distinct factions, each with its own ideologies and agendas. The Rangers, stalwarts of the old civilization, seek to rebuild society through political structures and economic progress. Their focus on medicine and technological advancements promises hope for the future.

After The End - Try to Survive

Meanwhile, Scientists delve into the mysteries of the wasteland, unearthing lost technologies and conducting vital research. The Military faction, well-armed and organized, offers protection to other groups—for a price. Farmers live peacefully according to the precepts of primitive religion and grow food. The Cockroaches, anarchists surviving through drug production, thrive in the lawless chaos.

Amidst these friendly factions lie threats—Mutants, once humans mutated into zombie-like creatures, and Animals, unpredictable in their attacks, pose constant danger. Raiders, human marauders, plunder trade caravans for survival, while Cannibals, devoid of civilization, resort to the most primal of instincts—eating others.

After The End - Try to Survive

The player’s role revolves around managing trade routes and protecting caravans, leveraging a tower defense system. Escorting caravans through treacherous territories requires strategic placement of defenses and tactical combat prowess. But beyond these immediate challenges lies a deeper quest: unveiling the truth of the player’s origins, hidden amidst the tumultuous factions and post-apocalyptic chaos.

As you navigate the intricate web of alliances and conflicts, your decisions ripple through the wasteland, shaping the fate of both yourself and the fractured remnants of civilization. Survival demands not just combat prowess, but astute negotiation, resource management, and uncovering the secrets buried within the pixelated ruins of this world.

After The End - Try to Survive

The fight system mirrors classic roguelike games, offering turn-based combat where strategy is paramount. Engage in tactical battles against enemies using a variety of weapons and skills. Explore randomly generated dungeons and face unforeseen challenges in each run.

As a survivor seeking resources, your primary trade involves protecting caravans through tower defense-style fights. Utilize your strategic prowess to set up defenses, manage resources, and fend off raiders and monstrous threats while safeguarding valuable shipments.

After The End - Try to Survive

Choose your path wisely: build alliances, scavenge for supplies, and make crucial decisions that shape your journey through this unforgiving pixelated world. Your actions will determine the fate of not just yourself, but the shattered remains of society in After The End.

After The End - Try to Survive

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