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Tap Knight

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Tap Knight (by TK International Company Limited)

Tap Knight

You are the Tap Knight! Are you ready for this mighty adventure?! Your Kingdom awaits!
Use your fingers and tap frantically in this idle-tapper game to slay hordes of enemies and kill big bosses!

– Unique addictive gameplay.
– To gain unique ability, artifact and superpower by defeating tons of bosses.
– Potion crafting. Collect ingredients to create various potions that influence the gameplay.

Tap Knight

– Sword shop. Unlock swords that affect your abilities.
– Endless Scenario battles!
– Tons of abilities and therefore, strategies to kill bosses.
– 20 artifacts each tiem (an item that affects gameplay in an unusual and unique way)

– Lots of chapters and levels to play!
– Dozens of weapons!
– Amazing graphics!

Tap Knight is an ‘RPG clicker’ game where the player slays monsters and gains experience to become powerful enough to free The Kingdom from evil Dark Mages.
In this adventure, there are many obstacles on the way, but also, there are lots of things to discover! Swords, chests, potions, artifacts, armor, and trophies, waiting for true hero to unlock!

Tap Knight

A brave warrior with powerful magic abilities, you are the only hope for your people. Go forth and tap your way to victory!

Play with the knight and make your way through villages, forests, castles, caves & much more! Defeat all big bosses with the power of your fingers!
Hordes of monsters are invading your kingdom.
Be a brave warrior! Use your sword and magic skills against the enemy!
Earn new power-ups, try new weapons, and unlock new abilities!
Test how fast you can tap and advance through all the chapters of this addictive game!
Collect stars and gain ratings! Challenge your friends!

Tap Knight
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